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11th August 2018 1

Yeti Does Germany In 40 Minutes

By Yeti Admin

But I do only live 40 minutes from Germany. 😉 Just the Ore Mountains between my flat here in the Czech Republic and Germany's Eastern border....

11th August 2018 2

Sleeping In My Yeti

By Yeti Admin

So I will start sleeping in my Yeti. It's nothing to do with being homeless, thank baby Jesus. No it's just that I love travelling...


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14th June 2020 0

Reversing Camera Installation

By Yeti Admin

Today I want to tackle a reversing camera installation which should compliment the dash cam that I recently installed and am very satisfied with. If I was sensible I would...

23rd May 2020 3

Installing A Dash Camera

By Yeti Admin

Installing a dash camera in my Yeti I believe will be far less daunting than it was actually choosing one - there are literally thousands of them for sale. 😲...

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11th August 2018 0

Porsche Boxster 986

By Yeti Admin

Between 2005 and 2011 I was lucky enough to own this 2.5-litre Boxster 986 - the longest time I have owned a car. It's also the most expensive car I've...


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4th January 2019 2

Lada VAZ-2101

By Yeti Admin

The second Lada VAZ 2101 and the third USSR car to be featured here on 'Spotted' In my two years of living here, I am coming to understand that the...

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