BMW Mini

BMW Mini

31st August 2018 4 By Yeti Admin

This black bomber parked in my work car park is a welcome addition to ‘Spotted’.I remember only too well back in around 2001 when the BMW Mini was announced – BMW had bought the rights to produce it a few years earlier.

As a Brit, I had convinced myself that the Germans could never reproduce such an iconic British car. Like, never!

But I was wrong. Very wrong.

And if you’re honest… you were wrong too.

black mini at Nemak car park

Yes, the BMW Mini is bigger, fatter and heavier than the original that we (the British) first began producing way back in 1959. And I think I remember some gearbox problems on the very first German versions.

We Brits also moaned about the lack of decent boot space when the new Mini came out didn’t we? Forgetting that our beloved original Mini also never had any boot space to speak of.

But very quickly it became apparent that the reinvented German Mini is a tremendous machine – even if some Brits (still) refuse to admit it

rear of BMW Mini Cooper

Although BMW has given the Mini several facelifts since 2001 I still prefer this one over all of them – for me it gets the closest to the original Mini.

Surely there is nothing wrong with an iconic old car being reinvented, providing care is taken to preserve its heritage?

People reinvent themselves all the time. Why not cars?

And let’s not forget about the reinvented Fiat 500… a tremendous success for the Italians.

For me,  BMW’s Mini reigns King among all cars that have been completely remodelled yet still retaining their important heritage.BMW’s Mini unashamedly pays homage to the original classic.

It’s also a lot safer and a lot more reliable!

It oozes sex appeal.

It is the Mini for the modem age.

mini profile photo

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