Identity Crisis – The Trabant

Identity Crisis – The Trabant

1st September 2018 2 By Yeti Admin

What are we to make of the Trabant in today’s world?

East Germany churned out three million of them between 1957 and 1990.

Is the Trabant a piece of former Communist junk?

Or a cherished classic, to be preserved and celebrated?

It’s obvious what the owner of this one that I ‘Spotted’ a few streets from my flat here in the Czech Republic thinks.

resprayed Trabant in red

In fact, you won’t go many days here in Czech without seeing a Trabant of some description. And none of them appear to be loved.

In Prague, the job of this one is to entice some of the city’s 7.5 million annual tourists to take a Thai massage.

We can only image what its fate will be if it fails to earn its keep!

Thai massage in Prague

Another Trabant consigned to a miserable life as a billboard is this one I spotted outside the entrance of Terezin Concentration Camp.

trabant at terezin camp

In Budapest, I spotted this one looking almost abandoned.

Or perhaps it belongs to a workman – hauling tools and materials is all it is fit for in this life.

I wanted to bring it home with me 🙄

Trabants in Budapest

I’ve seen similar cases during my trips to Poland and Ukraine.

Could it be that the world is split when it comes to the Trabant?

Central and Eastern Europeans viewing the car as a symbol of their once oppression and therefore it is to be treated with the utmost contempt.

And Westerners considering the Trabant a marvel of basic engineering and motoring from the old days and holding it in the same high esteem as, say, the original Mini and Fiat 500

A classic, to be afforded its due status at all times.

A quick search on eBay UK brings up Trabants with starting prices around £2,500.

Six grand buys a minter

So which is it then… desirable? Or detestable?

Or is the Trabant destined to have two existences depending on which part of the world it finds itself?

Revered in the West. Reviled in the East.

What do you think?

Central Most car show

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