Peugeot 205 1990

Peugeot 205 1990

15th September 2018 2 By Yeti Admin

It’s a blast from the past in this edition of ‘Spotted’. The feisty little Peugeot 205.

And this time I had an opportunity to have a brief chat with its owner, who could speak English.

This 205 is a 1990 1.1-litre.

It is seven years older than the lad that owns it

And it’s his daily driver.

I love that. Respect is due.

205 Peugeot JK Classics

Peugeot produced the 205 from 1983 to 1998. It was a gigantic success – we simply couldn’t get enough of them.

It was Car Magazine’s ‘Car Of The Decade’ in 1990

I personally have never owned a 205, or even driven one, but I am well aware of its status, especially the legendary 1.9 GTI.

But even this basic beauty put a smile on my face the second I spotted it.

hot hatch 205 CZ

front of 205 Peugeot

Whenever I spot an interesting machine I get out my mobile and take some photos of it (if possible).

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