Skoda Octavia 1960

Skoda Octavia 1960

21st August 2018 0 By Yeti Admin

This was a nice surprise! And the second Octavia Super to be featured in ‘Spotted’

I had to visit my local Skoda dealer to pick up a single DIN cage for my new infotainment system I’m installing in my Yeti – and just look what sits in the corner of the showroom, minding its own business.

I just had to wander over and whip out my mobile!

skoda octavia 1960 in museum

Yes. A 1960 Skoda Octavia.

I didn’t even know the Octavia was this ancient 😮

Skoda produced this car from 1959 to 1971. Then it stopped producing them and there were no more Octavias.

Until 1996.

Skoda resurrected the name and knocked a few out. The newer design, obviously. Not much interest from buyers.

Then, as we know, in 2000, Skoda became part of VAG and the game changed

The Skoda Octavia of today is a quality, award winning vehicle. And the VRS Octavia is an absolute monster of a car!

But isn’t this old lady just grand?

preserved 1960 skoda octavia

documentation for classic skoda

Whenever I spot an interesting machine I get out my mobile and take some photos of it (if possible).

Then I feature it here in ‘Spotted’

And I am always keen to hear about your interesting vehicle.

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