Skoda Octavia VRS Estate

Skoda Octavia VRS Estate

24th August 2018 0 By Yeti Admin

Let it be said that this Skoda is somewhat of a beast of a car.

I spotted it in my work car park. Actually, it is there everyday.

I am happy to ogle this beauty for as long as its owner is an employee at my work

After taking these photos I jumped online to find out more:

It’s a 2.0-litre petrol TFSI VRS Octavia Estate.

front of octavia vrs

Top speed is around 145mph.

This VRS will still return around 40pmg – if not driven like it’s a VRS!

The wheels on this appear to be around the 19 inch mark. The callipers are all yellow.

And the rubber is keeping a lower profile than Kevin Spacey!

alloys on a vrs skoda

Skoda, of course, are part of VAG, so this is a quality machine. Just like all Skodas since around 2000.

Oh and this VRS Octavia has a four-star NCAP rating too.

I hope you enjoy these photos of this mighty car as much as I did taking them.

More candy?


skoda octavia vrs headlight

blue skoda octavia vrs tailgate

beautiful vrs octavia estate

Whenever I spot an interesting machine I get out my mobile and take some photos of it (if possible).

Then I feature it here in ‘Spotted’

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