Fitting Heko Wind Deflectors

Fitting Heko Wind Deflectors

December 27, 2018 2 By Yeti Admin

We Yeti owners are well aware of our car’s ONE and ONLY design flaw.

Unfortunately for us, it’s quite a big one.  🙁

Every driver likes the window down sometimes, either fully, or just a little bit. The weather outside is of no real concern; it’s the fresh air that counts.

But for Yeti owners the weather IS a real concern!

There can be no open window for us when it’s raining. Not even a little. Nothing.

Because we Yeti owners know only too well that rain is commanded by the Heavens to chase us down at every turn and attack our driver’s window. If that rain finds an opening, however slight, a deluge inside the car will ensue.

Many a Yeti owner has learnt this the hard way. That includes me. When it rains, that window is rammed shut.

Although, much like email with ‘You’ve WON!’ in the title, there’s always some fool who’ll open it 🤡

You might think that the rain is far too busy wreaking terror and destruction upon Mazdas to ever bother about our feisty Yeti.

But rain will attack anything, like sharks. And it is these switches it has a particular taste for…

Yeti window switches

I have literally seen a POOL of rainwater dancing about in there like it’s Party in the Park 😡

It’s just a question of time before a short circuit happens. Then things will stop working and big money will need spending. And the rain will have achieved its goal.

But I WANT my driver’s window open sometimes. Why should that be denied to me by the weather?

🧙🏻‍♂️ wizard Yetisdorf is typing…
You should fit wind deflectors. Many owners have done this.

Okay! Thanks!
So I see there are a couple of different brands. I’ll go for the smoked Hekos after reading the reviews here on Amazon

Yeti wind deflectors

Heko Wind Deflectors for Skoda Yeti available on Amazon – click for latest prices

As expected, they arrive fast.

Heko deflectors Yeti

Let’s unpack them and see what is what.

deflectors yeti

Heko clips

So I’ll start by running this screwdriver all along the rubber channel

Eviction time for any moths or other freeloaders that think it’s okay to squat in there. It isn’t. 😡

window channel yeti

Before I peel off the little pieces of yellow tape I just want to offer up the deflector to be certain these are the right ones.

Yep. Looks like good times. 🙂

offering up heko deflector

Yellow tape off. Heko deflector fed into the channel starting from the wing mirror end.

Now it’s time to bend this last part

It feels scary to me to bend plastic like this. But I’m sure it must be done this way.

bend heko deflector

I’m going to fit two of these clips that are supplied to every deflector.

I test where the deflector wobbles the most and push in the clip about an inch away from the wobble.

Shiny side facing outwards.

secure Heko deflectors

Moth-evicting screwdriver returns!

I use it to push the clip up.

Testing the window and it’s making contact with the deflector in the channel somewhere and the anti-pinch detector is sending the window tumbling back down again.

I fiddle a bit. Test. Fiddle some more. Test again. Fiddle again.

screwdriver Skoda

And it’s done

The window is flying up and down as freely as Stormy Daniels’ thong. 😮

driver window yeti

And so to the rear…

rear yeti wind deflector

rear window channel

back deflector

🧙🏻‍♂️ wizard Yetisdorf is typing…
The rubber is pinched in some places. You should deal with this.

It is as well. 😮
window seal yeti

pinched window seal

I put a clip in either end.

Then round to the other side and fit the other two deflectors.

Obviously. 🙄

Fitting Heko


lovely yeti


side view skoda yeti

I had no distractions doing this job today

Tesco management must’ve known I’d be doing it in their car park so cleared it completely for me. 👍

Tesco Czech

Though they forgot to inform the trolley lad.

trolley TescoFeel free to stay tuned for more modifications I have planned.

You can see what I have done so far, here: Yeti Customisation

If you want these Hekos, they are here on Amazon

And I am always interested to hear about your Yeti, customised or not.

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