GAZ M-21 Volga – The KGB Car

GAZ M-21 Volga – The KGB Car

January 2, 2019 2 By Yeti Admin

This Gaz M-21 Volga Third Series is the third Soviet Union car to be featured here on ‘Spotted’

It seems every time I turn a corner somewhere here in the Czech Republic there’s a rusting obsolete wreck eager to meet me.

A Czech friend of mine helped me identify this car – I thought it was a Yank tank. Although that would have been fine too – old cars are old cars and I appreciate them all.

The designers did seem to have drawn inspiration from the Americans though.

Nonetheless, the GAZ Volga is all USSR.

And favoured by Soviet police and the KGB 🕵🏻

Considering the earlier career of a certain Mr. Putin, was it in one of these in which he trawled the streets of Leningrad hunting down enemies of the state?

GAZ Volga

This particular Volga may well have been used by Soviet Intelligence Services here in Czech while the country was under Communist rule.

GAZ Volga Czech

The Volga was built between 1956 and 1970. And they were equipped with some impressive luxuries for the time: a reclining front seat, a cigarette lighter, a heater, a windscreen washer and a three-band radio.

M-21 steering wheel

But now I think it is time I just walked away and left this old girl where I found her.

I have touched nothing. I have disturbed nothing, because, you never know, the Russians might just want her back.

And they could be watching my every move. 😮

🏃🏻I’m off.

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