Gear Knob Replacement

Gear Knob Replacement

August 9, 2019 2 By Yeti Admin

My gear knob has started to make small cuts to the inside of my hand pretty much each time I drive my Yeti now.

The silver plastic head is cracked, it is flicking up and it’s sharp. I know these heads can be replaced. But there is also a little wear on the leather part of the knob as well. It is coming up for nine years old, after all.

Searching online for a nice gear knob throws up many options and I am tempted by several  🤔

Genuine Skoda gear knobs on Amazon

After deliberating for some time, I opt for a genuine Skoda item. Better than my original. It even has ‘YETI‘ embossed on either side of it.

As ever, it arrives fast.

skoda gear

So let’s now replace this tired old girl…

6-speed skoda

With this new beauty…

knob for yeti

I ease my flat-head screwdriver tip between the gaitor frame and centre console.

lever with flat-head screwdriver

A gentle lever action until I hear a healthy ‘click’ sound

Do it all the way around and the frame separates from the console without damage.  😰

skoda yeti gear stick

I pull the gaitor over the gear knob to as far as it will go.

Now there’s like a large circlip that needs to come off.

And then a plastic clip.

circlip for gear gaitor

Looks like I’m in business…

the yeti gear stick

swapping skoda gear shifter

Poke the new gear knob through the gaitor and secure with the plastic clip.

skoda gaitor

replacing a skoda gear lever

Attach to the gear stick and secure with the circlip.

I then clip the frame back into the centre console, and…



Good times.   🙂

skoda yeti leather gear leverOther modifications I have made to my Yeti’s interior are here: Yeti interior

And I am always interested to hear about your Yeti, customised or not.

Gear knobs for Skoda available here on Amazon

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