Honda Sky Versus Piaggio Carnaby

Honda Sky Versus Piaggio Carnaby

August 8, 2018 0 By Yeti Admin

I bought these two to fix up and sell, which I accomplished. Initially, there wasn’t an MOT between them.

They weren’t from the same seller, it just happened that I owned both at the same time.

The Honda Sky was a 1998 model. Two-stroke 50cc. The slowest thing ever.

I’m sure two-stroke 50’s were faster back in the 1980’s?

At 16 I had a Honda MB5, which seemed fast to me back then. And it was restricted!

I got the MOT on the Sky without doing much work to it. Mostly it just needed some love. Now the plan was to sell it, and if I could make a tiny profit I would be satisfied – I love bikes and tinkering with them, so it was all good. But…

I could not bring myself to sell the Sky

Honda Sky 50

At least not right away.

This tiny little Honda really seemed to want to transport me back to my teens. And occasionally it did succeed, slow as it was. The smell of the two-stroke oil. The sound a two-stroke makes. The initial darting away from the line before quickly running out of power. Yes! Those were the days my friend. And those days had returned.

But after two weeks I realised how stupid I looked riding this thing

I am a grown man. I have no business on a Honda Sky.

I sold it on eBay and made about £35.

Two-stroke Honda

The Piaggio Carnaby sailed through its MOT. The old boy that sold it to me just couldn’t ride it anymore due to some advancing ailment with his legs.

Four-stroke 125cc. 2008 model. Italian. And quite a bit larger and chunkier than the Sky. Nice!

I’d never owned or even ridden a twist & go before buying these two scooters. Once again, I delayed selling and instead bombed about on the Carnaby for almost an entire year before getting a fresh MOT and part exchanging it at a dealership for the Yamaha MT-03.

Carnaby 125

Both these scooters were fun, for a while! But I learnt that I’m a motorcycle fan – automatic scooters are kind of different breed of two wheels.

I believe it was my mates that got the most smiles outta these scooters

Like whenever I’d screech up outside their homes on one of these. P*ssing themselves best describes the scenes.

​And I know that one of them actually did p*ss himself laughing one day!

What can you do?

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And I am always keen to hear about the interesting machines you have owned.

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