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My Yeti came with the factory ‘Blues’ radio/CD player. There was no way I could live with it.

Infotainment systems are the way to go. And if you travel in your car to different countries then they’re invaluable I think.

So this thing had to come out

Blues stereo Skoda Yeti

But what to replace it with?

An infotainment system, yes. But which one?

There are dozens and dozens of infotainment systems available

I spent about a week reading reviews and watching YouTube vids on various different systems. This really helped me hone my requirements. As a result, I rejected the idea of a double DIN unit because they’re red flags to scrotes.

I also decided that an Android system was the better way to go. Once installed and connected to the internet, I’d have access to Google’s millions of apps, like I do on my phone. Offline navigation with free, updated maps was of particular interest.

The system I settled on was the Xtrons D771A. Single DIN with 7″ touch screen and detachable faceplate

eBay infortainment Xtrons

I also had to buy a CAN bus connector, a new cage and finally a new design stereo surround fascia because Skoda stereos are a particular shape, replacing them for non standard units leaves a gap either side of the new unit.

A couple of hours on a Saturday and this was in my Yeti and operational

All that remained was to play about with it. Then I logged in to the internet using my mobile as a Hotspot and downloaded OsmAnd navigation, maps, a few other apps and also a Launcher. This completely changed the look and feel of my system by allowing me to customise the screen.

With the Skoda logo on boot up plus the Skoda colour scheme my system looks like a factor unit when running

Good times. 😀

Since I bought mine (May 2018) I see the D771A is now £60 less on Amazon than I paid.

If you get stuck with installing it send me a message and I’ll try to help.

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