Honda Sky Versus Piaggio Carnaby

Honda Sky Versus Piaggio Carnaby

8th August 2018 Off By Yeti Admin

I bought these two scooters to fix up and sell, which I accomplished. The Honda Sky was a 1998 model. Two-stroke, 50cc. The slowest thing ever.

Initially, there wasn’t an MOT with either of them.

I’m sure the two-stroke 50’s I had back in the 80’s were faster than this

I got the MOT on the Sky without doing much to it. Mostly it just needed some lubricating and love.

I couldn’t bring myself to sell it right away though!

honda sky 50cc in Northampton

In spite of its slowness it took me back to my teens: the sound and the smell of that two-stroke engine. The 1980’s were back!

I tore around on it for a few weeks.

Up until I realised how stupid I looked on it 😔

I am a grown man. I have no business on a tiny 50cc Honda Sky.

I sold it on eBay and made about £35.

two stroke blue honda sky

The Piaggio Carnaby sailed through its MOT. The old boy that sold it to me just couldn’t ride it anymore and hadn’t done for ages. Something to do with one of his legs.

Four-stroke, 125cc. 2008 model. Italian. And quite a lot bigger and chunkier than the Sky.

I’d never owned or even ridden a twist & go before I bought these two. And once again, I delayed selling this Carnaby and instead bombed about on it for almost a year. Then I got a fresh MOT and part-exchanged it at a dealership for the Yamaha MT-03

twist and go Piaggio carnaby

Both these scooters were fun, for a while! But I learnt that I’m a motorcycle fan – automatic scooters are a different breed of two wheels it seems to me.

But I enjoyed my time with them

And I even made a couple of pounds as well.

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