My Yeti

My Yeti

Friday 13th of April 2018 – Yeti Time

Upon emigrating here to the Czech Republic in 2016 I didn’t buy a Yeti – I bought a beat up Getz 😮 – 2003 model.

A little over a year of driving it and it had exhausted me!

It was Yeti time.

Hyundai Getz MOT STK

Drawn to the Yeti since I saw it on Top Gear all those years ago, what was to think about?

Yes, it’s a common car here, naturally! But actually not as common as you might think – Czechs seem to prefer their Fabias and Octavias over Yetis.

I have asked a few of them why… it seems the design of the Yeti doesn’t appeal as much as other Skodas. An opinion that is international – the Yeti is automotive Marmite.

I began the hunt for mine. My requirements were:

  • One previous owner if possible
  • Full service history
  • Low miles, err, kilometres
  • Must be previously owned by a non smoker (I had given up the week before and could smell a stale fag a mile, err, kilometre away)
  • Not the face-lift model, it looks like an Octavia from the front and not the distinctive Yeti (no offence to my friends over at the Yeti Owners Club)
  • Silver or black or blue. Definitely not that ugly brown, it’s for old men and people who are colour blind (no offence to my friends over at the Yeti Owners Club)

I viewed two and decided against them (one nearly matched my criteria but was in that old man brown) (no offence to my… 🙄).

And then here she was 😮 😍 💘

I floored the poor Getz all the way to the dealer’s address listed in the ad.

I spent around two hours checking everything: condition; documents; a test drive; the lot.


This was MY Yeti – ​💯 %

Yeti for sale, 1.2 Ambition

you can enlarge this by clicking it

Time to pay!

Logged into my bank from my mobile I hit ‘send money now’ and the equivalent of £8,250 was in my account no more. 😮

The dealership prepared my Yeti and I took ownership two days later – my first ever Skoda

I sold the Getz soon after. Some young punk was looking for a jalopy to strip then race across the fields with. Farewell, old girl.

I didn’t know it at the time, but buying this Yeti would reignite the passion for driving that had deserted me ages ago.​

Owning my Yeti has stimulated all sorts of passions within me: car customising; road trips; joining online groups and forums. Creating and maintaining this website!

Marmite… just delicious, isn’t it?!


August 2018. Czech Republic.

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