My Yeti

Friday 13th of April 2018

Living in the Czech Republic you either proudly drive a Skoda, or you drive something else, sheepishly.

Unless you’ve got a Porsche 911 or something. Drive a flash foreign car here and you will be afforded your due status on the roads, because you’ll be considered to either be a super important dignitary or a super successful business person. Or a gangster. And here, they can often be one and the same!

I drove a Getz.

2003 model.

I was particular in the Yeti that I wanted:

One previous owner, with full service history and low miles, err, kilometres!

Previously owned by a non smoker (I had given up the week before and could smell a stale fag a mile, err, kilometre away).

Not the face-lift model; it looks like an Octavia from the front. Boring (no offence to my friends over at the Yeti Owners Club).

Silver or black or blue. Definitely not that ugly brown; it’s for old men and colour blind people (no offence to my friends over at the Yeti Owners Club).

I viewed two and decided against them (one nearly matched my criteria but was in that old man brown) (no offence to my… oh for God’s sake).

Then I spotted the online ad from a Skoda dealer. Roughly two hours of checking the car and its documents, this included a test drive.

Yes! This was the one for me.​

Aqua blue Yeti

click to enlarge

Now it was time to pay

I gnawed on a finger nail or three and rapidly got down to their quicks (why had I given up smoking now?). Then, with a racing heart, I watched helplessly as a nail-less finger that looked familiar pressed down on the ‘Pay Recipient’ button – I was logged in to my bank account on my mobile. And, just like that, the equivalent of £8,250 was not in my account anymore.

The dealership prepared the car for me and a couple of days later I took ownership of my first ever Skoda

And not just any Skoda, as I would soon discover!

I sold the Getz not long after. Some young punk was looking for a jalopy to strip then race across the fields in. Farewell, old girl.

I didn’t know it at the time, but purchasing this Yeti would reignite my passion for driving!​

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