New Erebus 17″ Black Alloys Plus Winter Tyres

New Erebus 17″ Black Alloys Plus Winter Tyres

September 19, 2018 6 By Yeti Admin

What I did today wasn’t the sensible thing to do.

But I went ahead and did it anyway.

Of course, winter tyres are a legal requirement here in the Czech Republic. With winter imminent and so many Czechs now scrambling to their nearest tyre fitter I needed to get a set as well.

But a new set of genuine Skoda 17″ Erebus alloys in black to replace my great condition 16″ alloys isn’t a legal requirement. Having spotted a Yeti Monte Carlo last week with them on and looking delicious…

I needed to get a set as well!

The irresponsible part of all this is that I should buy winter tyres for my current 16″ alloys and wait until spring to fit the new Eerbus 17″‘s

But spring is half a year away, so forget about it.

The new Erebus 17″‘s are going on.


So let’s go to the Skoda dealer and get ’em.

Autoplus Most CZ

And say farewell to the equivalent of £610 😮

Erebus 17 black

I’ll tear open a box and check these are what I ordered BEFORE I drive away from the dealership.

You can never be too careful can you?

Boxed Yeti alloys

Yep. Looks like good times.

Right let’s now go collect my new winter tyres that I ordered online (with the help of a Czech friend) and that have been delivered to his workplace. I live in a flat, plus I am in and out, here and there with my work, plus I don’t speak Czech, so the courier to my friend’s workplace is the best option all round.

Many Czechs that I know use and speak highly of these tyres for winter, so that’s what I’ve bought. Online reviews look encouraging too.

I bought Barum Polaris 225/50/17 98V XL FR M+S

The equivalent of £254 for all four.

Check these out…

Loaded Skoda Yeti

Now I’ve got to dash 11 km to the tyre fitter before he closes. Businesses here seem to close a few hours earlier than those in Blighty.

He’s asking the equivalent of £27 to take off all my wheels, unbox my new Erebus 17″‘s then fit the new tyres with new valves and balancing then fit all that lot to my Yeti. It sounds like a fair price.

I make it just in time.

tyre service Most CZ

servis Most CZ

But what to do with these?

I’ve only recently changed the centre caps for Skoda’s new design

If I was sensible these would be my winter wheels.

If I was sensible. 😏

Genuine Skoda 16" alloys

First one off the balancing machine and waiting to go on.

Once they’re all on he will peel off the protective film and give each Erebus a wipe over with a clean cloth.

Erebus alloy

Erebus Yeti

I pack my old alloys into my Yeti and hit the streets.


pimped Yeti

The new Erebus 17″‘s are even reflecting the sun – their first ever taste of it.

Good times. 😎

modified yeti

Feel free to stay tuned for more modifications I have planned.

You can see what I have done so far, here: Yeti Customisation.

And I am always interested to hear about your Yeti, customised or not.

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