Oil Change – But Should We Do It Ourselves?

Oil Change – But Should We Do It Ourselves?

August 10, 2018 3 By Yeti Admin

​I was adamant that no ‘untrained’ hand should ever touch my Yeti.

But then I altered my thinking a bit. What about using the main dealer only for the big stuff, like timing chain replacement?

Astronomical hourly rates (even here in Czech) was a big factor in my rethink!

But also there are hundreds of stories on the internet where dealers and independent garages have been exposed as charlatans. Some even claiming to have changed the oil and filters but didn’t. Others putting nasty cheap oil in and using cheap filters but invoicing for premium stuff.

These things rattled my confidence. And those astronomical hourly rates to contend with too. So I rethought my Yeti’s care plan and I’m okay with it.

The best oil for my 1.2 TSI petrol engine is Castrol Edge Titanium 5W-30

I bought five litres of this knowing my car will need a full four litres and I’d have a litre spare if ever I need it.

I also bought four Bosch filters:

  • oil
  • air
  • petrol
  • cabin

​All this cost me the equivalent of around £132. It sounds a lot, and it is, but these are all top quality things. And how much would the dealer or an independent have marked them up?

Yeti engine oil and filters

I also gave a friend of mine 500 CZK (about £17) to do the work, while I sat close by, drinking coffee and playing with his four dogs.

Piece of mind that top quality oil is in my engine and top quality filters are fitted as well

And the job has been done cheaper than the dealer or any independent would have done it for.

If they’d really done it at all!​

And what about you?

Is it the main dealer only for your car’s maintenance?

If you’re gonna go down the do it yourself route as I did then be careful where you buy your oil from because prices can get scary after certain retailers have piled on their hefty markup!

Castrol sell directly on Amazon without a middleman.

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