Radiator Protector Grille

Radiator Protector Grille

August 26, 2018 0 By Yeti Admin

I searched high and low online and the only place I could find that makes and sells these Yeti radiator protector grilles is Russia.

But I wanted one. Like, quite badly

Not only does it look good but I haven’t seen any Yetis in my city with one – I like that! Maybe people don’t know these protector grilles exist?

Or maybe some Czechs have a problem with Russians? Nope. I’m not going there! 🤐

More importantly though is the protection one of these gives to the radiator down below.

Ain’t no rogue stone gonna take out my rad now

No more leaves squatting illegally in that space either.

Yeti front grille

The Russians accept PayPal and that was okay with me!

I chose the style I wanted, gulped hard then hit some Russian word on their website that I figured meant ‘Pay’.

It did.

Around nine days later and my radiator protector grille had arrived

I think the Russia to Czech Republic delivery time was very good. A tracking number is given and I enjoyed following my protector grille’s journey to me from Moscow, where they’re made. The Russians also emailed me throughout the process and tried their best to write in English.

I respect that.

Russia Yeti custom parts

The packet contains four clips, four long screws and a long thin screwdriver. There’s also an instruction leaflet.

I was absolutely thankful for the diagrams – my Russian reading ability is about as useful as yours probably is. 🙄

Yeti instructions in Russian

A last inhale of my electronic cig and I reckon it’s time to start.

The clips need to go on the grille, as per those instructions.

Installing yeti protector grille

Now I’m going to evict the leaves from where they believe is their permanent residence

I employ the services of a bailiff… my trusty portable Black & Decker Dustbuster.

It lives in my Yeti and I wouldn’t be without it. The massive 12V cord means there isn’t a space anywhere in or even around my car that I cannot vacuum.

Available on Amazon if you want one.

Very powerful suction for a portable.

Portable Dustbuster

Within a minute I’m packing away the Dustbuster – the leaves heard it fire up and they scattered like startled pigeons.

So let’s offer the protector grille up to its new home and see what is what.

Fitting radiator protector grille

Yep. Looks like good times.

Push it in firmly so that the four clips bite at the back. It gave me a bit of a fight I have to say.

Three attempts before I was certain all four clips were clawing onto something

And now that long thin screwdriver the Russians supply makes perfect sense.

Attaching Yeti grille



Front of YetiA beautiful black powder coating over the aluminium makes this a quality product to the touch and to the eye. Not to mention the protection it gives to the radiator.

I am also not able to fault the service I was given, from start to finish

I’m so happy I bought this.

Feel free to stay tuned for more modifications I have planned.

You can see what I have done so far, here: Yeti Customisation.

If you want the Dustbuster it’s here on Amazon.

If you want the protector grille it’s here.

And I am always interested to hear about your Yeti, customised or not.

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