Rear Customisation

Rear Customisation

August 7, 2018 0 By Yeti Admin

The Yeti does have a decent looking rear, in my opinion. But I wanted to try and improve it.

Very soon after I bought my car I thought about the look I was going for. Pictures on the internet helped me decide. As did a few members of the UK Yeti Owners Club website (find me there sometimes as ‘Brit_In_Czech’).

The great thing about making customisations to the rear of your Yeti (or any car really) is that it’s not too large an area, so your efforts and money give you fast results. And the most expensive item I bought was the roof spoiler. I think it cost about the same as I have just paid for a pair of PIAA headlamp bulbs!

Here is my Yeti just before I bought it…

Standard Skoda Yeti

Here is what I have done:

An idea floating around my mind is to get all my lights covered in a smoked black film

We’ve all seen the cars around that have had this done and it looks good I think.

Yeti goes train spotting

Feel free to stay tuned for more modifications I have planned.

You can see what I have done so far, here: Yeti Customisation.

If you want the ‘TSI’ badge it’s here on Amazon.

The chrome exhaust tip is also here on Amazon.

The new Skoda design rear emblem, also here on Amazon.

And if you want the monster decal, it too is on Amazon.

And I am always interested to hear about your Yeti, customised or not.

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