Rear Lights – Bulb Replacement

Rear Lights – Bulb Replacement

December 18, 2018 2 By Yeti Admin

As you may know, my Yeti sailed through her statutory STK (MOT test) two weeks ago. However the inspector did advise on one thing… my passenger side rear light is dimmer than the driver’s side.

The two bulbs that live in there are on, but dim

Let’s fix this now.

lights rear yeti

First thing to do is to park up at Tesco then run inside and grab a couple of bulbs

Then queue and pay for them.


replacement bulbs Skoda

I’m going to fit these right here in Tesco’s car park. Out comes my Torx screwdriver set that lives in my Yeti. And if you need a set too, it’s available here on Amazon

Torx Screwdriver Set on Amazon – click for latest price

Two Torx screws to undo.

rear light removal Skoda Yeti

Once they’re out there’s some fiddling to be done before the lens comes away.

But it’s no trouble. Just be careful!

rear lens Yeti

So what’s here?

I see two outer locking tabs and one inner locking tab. Easy push to release things.

lamp assembly Yeti

Oh, and one Torx screw

assembly Yeti light

And this explains much… these two little bulbs have turned silver.

Is this normal over time then?

blown lamps Skoda Yeti

Either way, they’re coming out

silver yeti bulbs

New bulbs in and lights on for a test before reassembly.


Good times.  😎

stationary yeti

Not quite.

A warning light has now appeared as well as a nag on the MFD  🙄

speedo cluster yeti

🧙🏻‍♂️ wizard Yetisdorf is typing…
You should ask your friends on the forum if they have experienced this. The link you need is: UK Yeti Owners Club

Okay! Thanks! I will. Good idea.
Yes. They advise me that actually I have bought the wrong bulbs.

I bought a pair of W3W bulbs – I should’ve bought W5W  😕

The correct bulbs will satisfy my Yeti’s ‘brain’ and the error messages will disappear. They also advise to buy two pairs and replace both sides, not just one side.

It’s back to Tesco for me.

W5W yeti bulbs

I’m removing both rear light clusters and fitting four new W5W bulbs.

clusters lights yeti

New bulbs in, let’s check they all work and are of the same brightness.

open tailgate yeti


lamps rear Yeti Skoda

And that’s better  🙂

cluster Skoda instruments Yeti

So bulb replacement is an easy fix for any of us to tackle.

Let’s not pay overly expensive labour charges to dealerships or independent garages (plus their heavily marked-up prices on items) for the things we can do ourselves.

Torx screwdriver set available here on Amazon (you’ll need it for many jobs on your Yeti).

Bulbs (W5W) available anywhere.

And the UK Yeti owners Club Forums are here

Good luck.

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