Renault Twingo One

Renault Twingo One

October 2, 2018 2 By Yeti Admin

Here in the Czech Republic the first generation Renault Twingo is everywhere.

I am featuring this one in ‘Spotted’ because the poor little thing appears to be abandoned in a supermarket car park close to my home.

Some of its engine is on the ground underneath the car and there’s an alternator on the back seat

The sills are rusted through. The tyres are flat. The body is covered in dents and deep scratches.

This Twingo is deceased.

RIP, little fellow. 🙁

Renault Twingo One

More than 2.5 million of the first generation Twingo were produced between 1993 to 2012.

It was only ever sold in left-hand drive countries

This explains why I had never seen a Twingo before in my life until I left England to live here in the Czech Republic.

Now I see at least four every single day and I live in a tiny city.

This one though is definitely in bad shape, and I don’t think it will avoid the scrapyard any longer.

Shame. Because the Twingo is not only economical motoring but, being French, it’s also quirky, and in a good way.

scrap twingo

I hate to see cars – any cars – end up like this

And owners that abuse cars in this way don’t deserve a driving licence in my opinion.

All we can do is immortalise the image of this victim of negligence here on the World Wide Web, long after its physical body has been chainsawed into tiny pieces and then recycled into dishwashers.

Twingo, Kaufland, Most

twingo interior

front twingoIf I spot an interesting machine somewhere I get out my mobile phone and take a few photos.

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