Roof Spoiler

Roof Spoiler

August 7, 2018 0 By Yeti Admin

Searching the internet for a Yeti roof spoiler threw up two: the ‘V1’ and the ‘V2’ – I liked the style better of the ‘V2’.

Within four days it had arrived, and I was my usual excited self when I collected it from the Post Office and got it home.

Skoda Yeti V2 roof spoiler

But how to affix to my car? Isn’t a roof spoiler a wind magnet? So if not done properly it’ll fly off at the first threat of a gale. Or when I’m driving past a Czech policeman (ever tried making one smile?!).

I was back on the internet to find the best way to glue it onto my car. The options are a glue/paste or a double-sided foam tape.

At the advice of a mate (who actually stuck my spoiler on for me) I went for the tape. It is expensive (I think) but designed for outdoor strength and durability. Amazon have this special double-sided foam tape if you need it.

Roof spoiler glue

The tape isn’t messy like glue can be, so no danger of it dripping on the paintwork. It also doesn’t seep out from around the spoiler.

On the other hand, once you peel off the backing from either side of it then it becomes completely obsessed with sticking to something. Anything. Your fingers will do if nothing else is in close proximity. Be aware… double-sided tape can get quite determined once that backing side is off!

I watched as my mate carefully tore off strips of tape from the roll in varying lengths and applied them to the underneath of my spoiler. Only when he was absolutely satisfied that all edges were covered did he approach my Yeti, spoiler cradled in both hands like an unexploded bomb.

Offering up the spoiler to my car, he then lined it up.

Choosing his moment… BOOM! The spoiler leapt towards its new home

He inspected all the edges and, once satisfied with his work, turned to me for approval.

I approve, my friend. And thank you.

Skoda V2 spoiler

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