Škoda 110R Coupé

Škoda 110R Coupé

September 15, 2018 0 By Yeti Admin

Yes. Yes. Yes.

No question of this lovely example of Skoda’s 110R making it into ‘Spotted’

I haven’t seen one of these for a couple of decades

Even living here in the Czech Republic for almost two years and this is the first 110R I have seen.

I crept up close to her in case she bolted.

She stayed still, and I didn’t squander the moment.

110 R Skoda

Czechoslovakia produced the 110R for ten years: 1970 to 1980. They ceased production because they had a new Skoda to launch: the Garde. Which I think doesn’t look anywhere near as good. Especially the square headlights of the Garde.

The 110R oozes classic sex appeal to me

Rear-wheel drive and rear-engined.

Oh and a front filler cap.


Rear-engined Skoda

I am being truthful when I say that I would love one of these as a second car.

Of course I would only use it during sunny days.

But if I had a place to store it I would definitely try and find one of these to buy

For now I’ll just have to settle for the photos I was lucky enough to take.

Over to the 110R…

1970's Škoda

Škoda classic

Who’s a pretty girl then?

Škoda 110 frontIf I spot an interesting machine somewhere I get out my mobile phone and take a few photos.

Then I feature it here in ‘Spotted’

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