Skoda Octavia Super

Skoda Octavia Super

September 7, 2018 8 By Yeti Admin

This is the second Octavia Super to be featured in ‘Spotted’

I’ve been passing this one on my way to work each morning. Today I pulled over and this elderly lady submitted to a photo shoot.

Actually, she seemed to be enjoying the attention

Octavia Super Project Yeti

The Octavia Super was built in the former Czechoslovakia between 1959 and 1971.

They came with 1100 cc and 1250 cc engines, respectively. Maximum top speed was around 75 mph.

Project Yeti Spotted

I don’t know if she still runs or anything.

But she’s a brazen old girl… she’s sporting a tow bar and twin exhaust.

Bless her.

old Skoda Octavia Super

Super Octavia Project YetiIf I spot an interesting machine somewhere I get out my mobile phone and take a few photos.

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