Sleeping In My Yeti

Sleeping In My Yeti

August 11, 2018 0 By Yeti Admin

With the Czech Republic being considered as literally the centre of Europe, it is a perfect place for me to live because of my love of travelling to Central and Eastern European countries.

Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, all relatively close by

With my Yeti, why bother using planes, trains and coaches, as I have had to do when I still lived in England?  Taking things a step further… why bother paying for hotels anymore, unless I want to?

I never use the back seats in my Yeti. Like, never. And I don’t really foresee an occasion when I will use them.

The Yeti’s back seats come out completely and without a fight

So out they came and they now reside in my bedroom, up against the wall.

Remove Skoda Yeti rear seats

Then I bought a mattress topper, a pillow and a decent sleeping bag.

Oh and of course I’ve had my rear windows professionally tinted too, for the privacy.

And now, spur of the moment weekend trips away and longer road trips are exciting.​ And cheap!

You can see more of my Yeti escapades, here: Yeti Travel.

And I am always interested in hearing about your Yeti trips.

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