Suzuki TL1000S

Suzuki TL1000S

August 11, 2018 0 By Yeti Admin

I will never be able to explain why I hunted down then bought a bike which the motorcycle press had long since dubbed ‘The Widowmaker’.

But that is what I did.

And the thing is I knew about the Suzuki TL’s twitchy rear problem 🙄

To be fair, the problem is only with the TL1000S – other Suzuki TL’s are not effected. And still this is the bike I wanted. Why?

TL1000S Widowmaker

All the online information I read about ‘The Widowmaker’ before buying it was correct.

This bike is dangerous!

And it has nothing to do with bhp, cc or top speed!

There is some design fault with its rear which causes the bike to unexpectedly slip out from underneath you as you take even the friendliest of corners.

This flaw has, apparently, literally killed riders


The twitchy rear end is apparent the moment you take your first corner. It was on my bike anyway. And it doesn’t even have to be at speed. I remember going over a few white lines to overtake and I felt that the bike wanted to throw me off of it.

And yet, like the idiots that cannot be content with just admiring lions through the safety of a television set – they have to go out and buy one for a pet – idiots are attracted to owning the Suzuki TL1000S, despite its deadly reputation.

And that Included me. 😨

Suzuki TL1000S dangerous

I’ve had quite a few bikes since I was 16 – this is the scariest I’ve ever owned!

Actually I cleaned it more than I rode it. Like stroking a lion, while it’s under anaesthetic!

I only kept the TL1000S for about a year, and managed to sell it (to another crazy idiot) for a few pounds less than I bought it for. That was in 2012. I hope he’s survived!

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