Wheel Arch Kit

Wheel Arch Kit

August 11, 2018 0 By Yeti Admin

So I found this aftermarket Yeti wheel arch kit online and didn’t hesitate to buy it.

Where I did take my time though was in figuring out the best way to attach it to my wheel arches.

Screwing or pop riveting is out of the question!

So the choices can only be some form of all-weather glue or double-sided tape. I’ve gone for the tape.

But this arch kit will need five rolls of it.

The online reviews are unanimous… this tape is what I must use if I want plastic to stick to the outside of my car. And still be there in five years!

Here on Amazon if you need it.

This double-sided Foam Tape is on Amazon – click for the latest prices

I also used it to attach my roof spoiler

Roof spoiler foam tape

Getting cleaning is the first thing to do.

Every wheel arch needs to be wiped over with a spirit

🧙🏻‍♂️ wizard Yetisdorf is typing…
You should not forget about the crud that will be behind your wheel arches.

Okay! So I will brush all that out as well then.

So let’s now unpack the wheel arch kit and get the tape ready.

Wheel arch kit Skoda Yeti

It’s one arch at a time, of course. Slowly slowly. Carefully carefully.

This double-sided tape means business

And the kit itself is a good fit.

Yeti body arches

I don’t forget to undo this screw…

Retaining screws Skoda Yeti

Then tuck the new plastic arch underneath and retighten…

Rear Skoda Yeti wheel arch

🧙🏻‍♂️ wizard Yetisdorf is typing…
It is not advisable to jet wash the car for a week to not annoy the double-sided tape.

Okay then! I won’t.

All in all I think it looks good and so worth the money (about £80 with the five rolls of quality tape).

Skoda Yeti wheel arches

Yeti by the railway

Skoda Yeti in Chomutov

Feel free to stay tuned for more modifications I have planned.

You can see what I have done so far, here: Yeti Customisation

If you want the double-sided foam tape it’s here on Amazon

And I am always interested to hear about your Yeti, customised or not.

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