Introducing My Yamaha XS400 Cafe Racer

Introducing My Yamaha XS400 Cafe Racer

14th July 2019 Off By Yeti Admin

Primarily this website is about my Skoda Yeti. But I would like to occasionally share information about and pictures of my 1980 XS400 Cafe Racer, which I have just bought.

There has always been a couple of non Yeti categories on the site, like ‘Previous Machines – Non Yeti‘ and the quite popular ‘Spotted

So, here is my Cafe Racer:

I bought it as an unfinished project that I intend to finish

There are also many things that I suppose are finished but I just don’t like them, so I’m going to change them.

And, just like with my Yeti, I’ll detail my progress here on this site.

czech republic Yamaha XS400The guy I bought it from has done a fantastic job of turning an old XS400 into something with real potential.

My hope is that I can take this bike to the next level

And I also hope you’ll follow the journey.

cafe racer 400 yam

Feel free to stay tuned for more modifications I have planned.

You can follow my journey if you want, here: Yamaha XS400 Cafe Racer

And I am always interested to hear about your XS400, whether a Cafe Racer or not.

Would you care to share and help me grow my site?

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