Yamaha XS400 Cafe Racer: Ditching The Rearsets

Yamaha XS400 Cafe Racer: Ditching The Rearsets

28th July 2019 0 By Yeti Admin

The previous owner fitted these rearsets and although they might look the part there has been some issues with them.

One day the gear linkage came apart. I pulled over and connected it back together.

A few days later that same linkage broke – I was close to my garage at the time (thankfully) and coasted downhill to safety

Also, the footrests are as uncomfortable as hell.

I can’t really tell if these rearsets are a cheap set or if they’re simply not a good fit for my bike. Either way, they have to go.

Style over functionality isn’t cool.

broken rearsets linkageIt hasn’t been the easiest thing to locate the original gear shifter pedal, rear brake pedal and original foot pegs. My bike is a 1980.

But searching online everyday for about a week has paid off 🙂

Except for the foot pegs… I did find a set but they are in poor condition yet the seller is asking over £40 for them. Instead, I have opted for a decent set of universal foot pegs that I think will look good and be comfortable as well.

motorcycle foot rests

Universal foot pegs on Amazon

And now everything I need has arrived through the post. This includes a can of Hammerite Metal Paint

best metal paint is Hammerite

Hammerite metal paints on Amazon

Here I have removed the rearset and testing the original XS400 footrest bracket. The rubber bushes aren’t in the best condition so I will try and find those new at a later date.

The cut-down brake pedal is coming off and will be replaced by the original I’ve bought.

XS400 modified brake pedal

I sand everything down then spray them with two coats of the Hammerite.


original yamaha xs400 brake pedal

And the universal foot pegs look good I think.

Same process on the other side.

gear shifter for yamaha xs400

Functionality plus comfort has been restored.

Feel free to stay tuned for more modifications I have planned.

You can follow my journey if you want, here: Yamaha XS400 Cafe Racer

And I am always interested to hear about your XS400, whether a Cafe Racer or not.

Universal foot pegs available here on Amazon

Hammerite Metal Paint also here on Amazon

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