Adding A Coloured Decorative Strip To The Wing Mirrors

Adding A Coloured Decorative Strip To The Wing Mirrors

20th September 2019 0 By Yeti Admin

Skoda have very kindly made it easy for adding a coloured decorative strip to the wing mirrors by designing a nice gap between the two halves.

In my quest to get my Yeti looking as buff and as unique as I possibly can without it ever looking tacky, this little job should fit nicely amongst my many other customisations (I hope). 🙏

First thing to do is to find the plastic strip that I need. It must be for outside use. And be no more than half an inch wide.

A search of Amazon brings up the plastic strip I’m looking for, and in many different colours.

I decide on the blue, which appears to be close to the blue that I recently applied to my brake callipers

It arrives fast.
decorate wing mirrors

Decorative strip is here on Amazon if you want it too.

elegance trim online

Interior trim available here on Amazon

I appreciate the seller throwing in a plastic spatula – I won’t need it though, the strip fits perfectly 🙂

customising the skoda mirrors

So now I’ll cut an exact length of the decorative strip that I need…

cutting decorative strip to size

Let’s loosely attach it and see what is what…

loosely attaching the plastic wing mirror strip

Okay so I was wrong… the plastic spatula from the seller IS required to assist in tucking the strip underneath one of the lips. 😗

the seller includes a spatula

the skoda yeti wing mirrors are nice

🧙‍♂️ wizard Yetisdorf is typing…
You should think about adding a spot of glue along the bottom of the strip for extra grip against the elements!

Not a bad idea, wizard, I will do that. Thanks.

I remove the strip and do as the wizard says and add a few dollops of Superglue here and there along the bottom edge of the strip.

time to remove the plastic wing mirror strip

Now to refit.

But I don’t have time to faff around because of the glue 😨

refitting the wing mirror decorative stripI’m satisfied with how it looks, so I dart around to the other side and repeat the process on my passenger mirror. And…


wing mirror of skoda yeti repaired

add color to wing mirror

Good times. 😎

skoda yeti polished wing mirrorFeel free to stay tuned for more modifications I have planned.

You can see what I have done so far, here: Yeti Customisation

And I am always interested to hear about your Yeti, whether customised or not.

Decorative strip is here on Amazon

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