Adding A USB/DAB Socket

Adding A USB/DAB Socket

15th May 2020 Off By Yeti Admin

I have too many blanking covers. So today I am losing one of them and adding a USB/DAB socket in place of it.

Well, that is the plan anyway. 🙄

A quick search online and I find what I think I need to do this.

Skoda Yeti USB socket

USB sockets available on Amazon

I order and it arrives fast.

These two cables have bugged me since I fitted my infotainment system back in 2018. One is for a dash cam (coming soon by the way!) and the other is the USB/DAB socket – I use this to play my music files by plugging in a flash drive.

usb flash stick

So let’s remove a blanking cover.

Now, that has to go inside this 😲


yeti blanking cover

I know that I should go and get my drill but…!

screwdriver to make a hole

And now a file?

enlarge the hole with a file

But, well well…

usb installation

And now for the rest of it…

connecting a usb

skoda usb socket fittment

So this is the little fella I want to move. And I wonder if I can do something with that sticker?

usb drive kingston

sticker for usb

peeling off old sticker

Might be good times.  🤨

sticker for dab socket


dab socket installed

It IS good times. 😎

music files on kingston flashFeel free to stay tuned for more modifications I have planned.

You can see what I have done so far, here: Yeti Customisation

And I am always interested to hear about your Yeti, whether customised or not.

USB sockets available on Amazon, here

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