Fitting Frontal Protection System

Fitting Frontal Protection System

18th July 2020 Off By Yeti Admin

These days everyone seems to be calling them a frontal protection system. Certainly car manufacturers and insurance companies are.

And these days they are hollow and are mostly for aesthetics.

But back in the day they were bull bars / nudge bars. Solid steel. First used by the Australians to bat away kangaroos from their prized rides, apparently. 😲

Those real deal bull bars were outlawed across the European Union some years ago

The bars I hope to fit today are perfectly legal.

My main requirement is that I don’t want chrome – I dechromed my Yeti a couple of years ago.

A search online throws up a couple of possibilities.

yeti A-Bars online

Front protection bars for the Yeti are available on Amazon

I select the ones I like and pay.

They arrive fast by courier and are well packed…

FPS skoda yeti

The fixing kit and instructions…

nudge bars fixing kit

Eight Torx screws and the bottom tray comes out…

remove yeti oil tray

But I won’t be able to work under here 🥵

Let’s get the jack and axle stands out…

skoda yeti axle stand

Naturally this frontal protection system has to be secured to the chassis rails

My knuckles and wrist are getting scraped trying to work in this space but, the nuts are on. Just need to tighten them and that’ll be one side done…

nudge bars bracket

a bar for skoda cars

Although I never care how long things take me when working on my Yeti I will state that I managed to fit both side brackets to the chassis in under an hour, in case you are interested to fit bars to your Yeti and are keen to know the job time.

So let’s temporarily attach the bottom bar to see what is what…

lower bull bar for skoda

It might be good times. 🙂

And what about a test fit of the main bar…

mock up of nudgebars

Once everything seems aligned I tighten all the bolts.

Now I’ll give the bottom tray a once over with my trusty Armor All and refit it…

using armor all on engine

All looks good in there…

engine compartment with tsi motor

Now to remove the protective plastic from the bars.


install fps to a skoda yeti

Good times 😎

nudge bars fitted to a skoda yeti

can a yeti drive in the forest

I suppose I will have to take care when parking in places with high curbs, but I can live with that. 🙂

Feel free to stay tuned for more modifications I have planned.

You can see what I have done so far, here: Yeti Customisation

And I am always interested to hear about your Yeti, whether customised or not.

Frontal protection systems are available here on Amazon

And if you need Armor All it’s here

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