Fitting Steering Wheel Controls

Fitting Steering Wheel Controls

6th June 2020 Off By Yeti Admin

Today I will have a go at fitting steering wheel controls to my Yeti; currently it doesn’t have any.

My Android infotainment system that I fitted two years ago supports them and I always knew that one day I would hunt down a set of controls and fit them.

Today is that day 💪

A search online reveals several different styles. I am not the world’s greatest fan of Bluetooth for anything, so I want to stay away from it if I can. Why I don’t ever like to use Bluetooth for anything I am not quite certain. It could be because Bluetooth is a buzz word for teenagers.

I really don’t like teenagers 💩

Still online, I spot a few controls that use a radio signal so I select the ones that take my fancy and I pay.

Skoda yeti controls online

Amazon has universal steering wheel controls

They arrive fast.yeti universal wheel controls

Not too shabby and they feel nice in the hand.

fitment of wheel controls

So I guess what has to happen is that I use the 3M double-sided sticky pad that is provided to stick to the bottom of the rubber holder then place that where I want it on my steering wheel then press it in place.

afixing steering wheel control

Inside each control unit is a thin circular battery

Possibly it’s a CR2032. I have seen them in the supermarket batteries section; cheap as anything.

The batteries apparently last about a year with normal use.

compartment for battery

So let’s get these 3M sticky pads on the rubber holders and the holders onto my steering wheel…

3m pads for steering wheel control

Just about…


where to put steering control


control switches for yeti steering wheel

So now it’s time to read the instructions. 🙄… !

Okay this radio signal box needs to be hard-wired in. It cannot receive power when my Yeti isn’t running or it will eventually drain my battery.

And it can’t be powered by any old source or the CAN bus will throw a wobbly 😏

CAN bus error free

I’m going to use the ‘piggyback’ fuse method. Thankfully I already have one. For some reason.

using a piggy back fuse

I will use fuse #6, which supplies ignition-switched power to the rear wiper.

And I’ll use a 15 amp fuse.

use a 15 amp fuse

skoda yeti fuse No. 6

Out comes my system. Again.

Regular readers might remember that I had it out a couple of weeks ago when I fitted a dash cam.

take out yeti sound system

I use the old stiff wire trick to do a bit of threading through gaps and connecting up wires.

The wires from my system that I need are ‘Key1’ and ‘Key2’

connecting dashboard wires

using the Key1 and Key 2 wires

dash wires tucked in

hiding dashboard cables

Now let’s get this radio transmitter in place.

Using double-sided tape.

securing radio transmitter

where to put transmitter in car

The ‘Steering Wheel’ app on my system is what I need.

Obviously. 🙄

android app for steering wheel

Now let’s assign the buttons and see if anything happens…

configure steering wheel buttons

configure all buttons

Yes. I can confirm that all buttons work. 😃

Right side buttons: volume up and down. Track skip forward and back. Mute.

skipping tracks plus volume control

Left side buttons: GPS. Call accept, deny, end. Radio. Hey Google. Menu.

Good times. 😎

steering wheel GPS controlFeel free to stay tuned for more modifications I have planned.

You can see what I have done so far, here: Yeti Customisation

And I am always interested to hear about your Yeti, whether customised or not.

If you want steering wheel controls for your Yeti, they are here on Amazon

Piggyback fuses are here

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