Painting The Brake Callipers And Hubs

Painting The Brake Callipers And Hubs

11th August 2019 2 By Yeti Admin

At almost nine years old I can understand why my Yeti’s callipers are starting to look grubby.

I’m going to change that today.

I suppose I should have attended to the callipers when I got new discs and pads – but, I didn’t 🙄

Anyway, let’s do this job now.

My mate has lent me his jack and some blocks to save me buying them.

yeti jacked upI will keep the weight of my Yeti on the jack, with the blocks in place underneath.

And I’m going to slide my wheel underneath as an additional precaution 🤞

underneath skoda yeti

As for what colour to paint my callipers…

Probably if I hadn’t changed my wheels to the black Erebus then I may have gone for the popular (and safe bet) red calliper paint.

Instead, I looked through all the colours offered by Foliatec and settled on SKY BLUE. I’ve no idea how this will turn out.

I ordered the brush-on kit as apposed to the spray-on.

car brake paint

Foliatec calliper paint on Amazon

As ever, it arrived fast.

In the kit:

    • spray tin of brake cleaner
    • wire brush
    • rubber gloves
    • tin of calliper paint
    • tin of hardener liquid
    • paint mixer stick</span
    • paint brush
    • instructions

sky blue paint by foliatec

So I’m going to completely brush the calliper.

I blow off all the debris then spray it with the cleaner – it dries quickly and I brush again. Then I wipe it over.

cleaning brake caliper

using foliatec brake cleaner

🧙‍♂️ wizard Yetisdorf is typing…
Why don’t you paint the brake dust shield while you have the wheel off? They can be seen through your wheels!

Not a bad idea, wizard, thanks.

Well I have had very good success using a black paint marker in places on my motorcycle. These things are permanent, dead easy to use and offer a decent finish. Painting by nib.

paint marker for cars

Paint marker on Amazon

So I’ll try it on this dust shield and see how it does.

painting brake dust shield

yeti dust shield

Looks all right.

I’ll continue painting this dust shield all the way around. And there are no brush marks, of course!

I am about ready to start painting my calliper. Gloves on.

I have to mix 2.5 parts hardener to one part paint, so say the instructions

I mix only enough for three coats for one calliper.

mix caliper paint correctly

Let’s go…

painting yeti brakes

hand paint calipers

I see immediately that the calliper is being encased in a glaze coating

Once this stuff hardens, and then another two coats of it applied, my callipers should be protected for many years. And looking good as well.

It is currently 31c and I am sweating buckets and desperate for shade. 😰

But the first coat has dried and it’s time for a second.

caliper paint getting hard

While I wait for the second coat to dry (not long in this crazy heat) I’ll wipe over the hub and paint that too.

My plan was to mask everything up then spray my wheel hubs with Hammerite Metal Paint, but now that I see what a nice finish the dust shield has I will try the marker paint again.

painting skoda yeti wheel hubs

I finish the hub.

I apply a third and final coat of Sky Blue paint to the calliper.

And finally, recently shamed as being dangerous to my health and a menace of the world’s oceans, I dip into my stash of never-to-be-shoved-in-my-earhole-again cotton ear buds and wipe off paint where it doesn’t belong. And then…


yeti brakes painted blue


beautiful brake calipers

I will tackle the rear callipers, dust shields and hubs next weekend.

Feel free to stay tuned for more modifications I have planned.

You can see what I have done so far, here: Yeti Customisation

And I am always interested to hear about your Yeti, whether customised or not.

Foliatec calliper paint available here on Amazon

Paint markers also on Amazon

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