Customising My Yeti’s Rear

Customising My Yeti’s Rear

7th August 2018 Off By Yeti Admin

The Yeti does have a nice rear.

But it can be improved. I believe the trick is not to go crazy and overdo it.

Here is the rear of my Yeti advertised at the dealer where I bought it…

yeti advertised for sale

Here is what I have done:

And here are a few of the items on Amazon if you also want them:

The genuine Skoda exhaust tip…

Genuine Skoda Exhaust Tips on Amazon

The ‘TSI’ emblem with red ‘i’…

TSI Emblem available on Amazon

The Yeti monster decal is on Amazon, here

Yeti Monster Decal available on Amazon

skoda yeti in nature

Feel free to stay tuned for more modifications I have planned.

You can see what I have done so far, here: Yeti Customisation

And I am always interested to hear about your Yeti, whether customised or not.

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