Roof Spoiler

Roof Spoiler

7th August 2018 Off By Yeti Admin

So the ‘V2’ roof spoiler has arrived.

It’s made from ABS plastic and is TUV approved.

Apparently it is a perfect fit for the Yeti.

I hope so. 🙏

It’s looking the part as I unbox it

skoda yeti roof spoiler buy online

But how to affix to my Yeti? Aren’t roof spoilers wind magnets?

If it’s not attached properly this spoiler could be ripped from my roof and fly off into a ditch during the first gale 😨

An online search for the best option and it seems that double-sided foam tape is the way to go.

PE-Foam Tape stands out as the best. A couple of hundred reviews for it over on Amazon. Designed for outdoor strength and durability. But possible to be completely removed from the car in the future without leaving any traces of it.


Here on Amazon if you need it.

This double-sided Foam Tape is on Amazon

I will also use it to attach my wheel arch kit

It arrived quickly.

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My mate has offered to put the spoiler on

I can do it myself but he insists because he says he has done a similar job before.

So, over to his place it is.

With coffee in hand, I watch as he unwraps the spoiler, then carefully tears off strips of the foam tape from the roll in varying lengths and applies them to the underneath of the spoiler.

It takes him a while to satisfy himself that all edges of the spoiler are covered by the tape. He’s thorough. I like it.  ????

He cradles my spoiler in both hands like it’s an unexploded bomb

Offering it up to my Yeti, he lines it up.

Choosing his moment, and… the spoiler leaps towards its new home

The double-sided foam tape immediately grabs a hold and begins doing what it does best… adhering.

My mate inspects all the edges and once satisfied with his work, turns to me for approval.

I approve, dude. Thanks.

The both of us stand back and we gaze admiringly at my Yeti while slurping away at our coffees.

Good times. 😎

install roof spoiler on yeti

Feel free to stay tuned for more modifications I have planned.

You can see what I have done so far, here: Yeti Customisation

And I am always interested to hear about your Yeti, whether customised or not.

Double-sided foam tape is here on Amazon

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