Touch Of Elegance

Touch Of Elegance

2nd November 2019 2 By Yeti Admin

I’d like to try and add more of a touch of elegance to my Yeti’s interior since changing the gear knob. My Yeti, by the way, is an Ambition Plus.

Skoda has kindly added strips of silver trim here and there, like on the steering wheel, the air vents and around the air conditioning controls and instrument bezels. I want to add more of it and then see what the overall look will be.

A quick search online and I find this piping that I believe might do it…

Yeti elegance trim online

Interior trim available here on Amazon

It arrives fast.

bought silver trim from Amazon

At the same time I also order a roll of this foil tape. I will use for the joins.

buying foil tape online

Here on Amazon if you want it too.

buying silver foil tape

Silver foil tape available on Amazon

I’m going to start with the door handle surrounds…

yeti interior door handle

The seller of the plastic trim has provided an applicator 👍

using interior trim applicator

This plastic trim is easy to work with and appears to be of decent quality – no breaking or even cracking.

quality skoda yeti interior

Let’s snip the end of it and see what is what…

improving yeti interior

top view of yeti handle surround

I had a feeling the join would nag away at me 🙄

Let’s break out that silver foil tape…

using foil tape for trim joins

So what do you think?

adding elegance to yeti interior

inside of a yeti elegance

I might go over the join again to try and get it as close to undetectable as I can.

These next places are easy – no joins necessary…

yeti blanking buttons

skoda air con buttons

What about a strip along there?

yeti elegance centre console

center console for skoda yeti elegance

It would appear that I’m on a roll 🤨

A dab of glue here and there holds the new trim in place.

use glue for interior piping

yeti ambition door card

Infotainment surround…

adding silver piping to stereo surround

For this I’m going to use the trusty double-sided foam tape that hasn’t let me down yet, and I’ve used it to attach my roof spoiler and wheel arches among other things.

If you want it it’s here on Amazon

buy foam tape online

Double-sided foam tape is here on Amazon

skoda yeti stereo plate

fix skoda stereo plate

Looks all right.

single din stereo yeti

This centre vent surround looks like a good candidate too…

skoda yeti centre air vents

The dreaded join…

join up interior piping

Hence the foil tape. I cut a small strip off the roll and apply it.

how to use foil tape

decorating the inside of my yeti

And finally (for now anyway!) I’ll try it on the storage bin…

fitting silver trim to yeti interior

skoda yeti center position

A touch of elegance? Or overindulgence?

Other modifications I have made to my Yeti’s interior are here: Yeti interior

And I am always interested to hear about your Yeti, whether customised or not.

Interior trim piping is available here on Amazon

Foil tape is here on Amazon

And double-sided foam tape is also available on Amazon

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