Washer Bottle Lid Funnel

Washer Bottle Lid Funnel

13th June 2020 Off By Yeti Admin

As modifications go, fitting a washer bottle lid funnel will rank among one of the absolute easiest things I have tackled in over two years of trying to transform my Yeti into something unique. And something personal to me.

There is nothing wrong with my standard washer bottle lid by the way.

A quick search and I find what I’m looking for.

skoda 000 096 706

Genuine Skoda Yeti lid funnel is on Amazon

I order and it arrives fast.

skoda washer bottle lid

Is this going to be a pain to get off?

Um, no, actually…

lid for yeti washer bottle

Might need to consult the instructions for this job 🧐

yeti fitting instructions

fitting windscreen washer bottle top


replacing the Yeti funnel lid

New washer bottle lid funnel fitted.

Good times.  😎

genuine skoda yeti lid funnel

Spillages be gone and once again another warm, fuzzy feeling inside me – I bloody love my Yeti. 🥰

Farewell o ye faithful servant of 10 years. To the cupboard drawer thou shalt reside in eternal peace.

hanging onto replaced Skoda parts

Unless yours is broken and you’re passing through the Czech Republic sometime, then you can have it. FOC. 🙂

Feel free to stay tuned for more modifications I have planned.

You can see what I have done so far, here: Yeti Customisation

And I am always interested to hear about your Yeti, whether customised or not.

If you want the Yeti lid funnel it is here on Amazon

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