Oil Change – But Should We Do It Ourselves?

Oil Change – But Should We Do It Ourselves?

10th August 2018 4 By Yeti Admin

It’s the dilemma isn’t it?

​We work on our Yetis ourselves, or we pay dealers or independents to do the work for us.

Can’t doing it ourselves affect resale value? But then, aren’t dealers and independents ripping us off with their astronomical labour charges and heavily marked-up prices on items?

What to do?

And then there’s the trust issue!

Literally hundreds of stories on the internet where dealers and independent garages have been exposed as charlatans 🤬

Some dealers and independents claiming to have changed the oil and filters, but didn’t. Others putting nasty cheap oil in and using cheap filters but invoicing for premium stuff.

This rattles my confidence. And with those astronomical hourly rates to contend with as well. So I rethought my Yeti’s care plan soon after buying it and I’m okay with doing things myself, using an independent only for things I simply cannot do, like the new timing chain and water pump, new brake discs and pads, bump stops, etc.

And so, to the oil and filter change…

The best oil for my Yeti’s 1.2 TSI petrol engine (code CBZC) is Castrol Edge Titanium 5W-30

I bought five litres – Yeti engines need a full four litres, and I have a litre spare if ever I need it.

recommended oil for skoda yeti

I also bought four Bosch filters but you buy the brand you prefer. Amazon sell everything we need:

​How much would the dealer or an independent have marked these up by I wonder? Actually, I don’t want to know!

I DO know that every one of these are in/on my Yeti because my mate and me did it together. Carefully fitting one at a time.

oil in my skoda yeti castrol

So I’m enjoying piece of mind that top quality oil is in my engine and top quality filters are fitted as well

And the work has been done a lot cheaper than any dealer or independent would have done it for.

If they’d actually done it at all!​

So what about you? Is it main dealer only for your Yeti’s maintenance? Or will you choose the same route as me?

Good luck.

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