Timing Chain Plus Water Pump Replacement

Timing Chain Plus Water Pump Replacement

14th November 2018 Off By Yeti Admin

If you are a regular reader then you will know that my Yeti has recently had new brakes and new bump stops fitted. The next work I want done is a complete timing chain kit plus a new water pump. And antifreeze.

It was only after I bought my Yeti in April that I learnt about the dreaded timing chain issue on earlier TSI engines

My Yeti makes a rattly sound for about two seconds on cold start-up then goes quiet as a mouse; this is all the warning we TSI engine owners get, apparently! The timing chain has probably stretched!

The next thing to happen is the chain either jumps a cog or snaps altogether

Either way, it’s new engine time! 😲

I bought the timing chain set myself online. The genuine VAG part number is 03F198158B. The water pump I let my trusted mechanic supply because initially I didn’t realise that it should also be changed when replacing the chain.

If you also want to get the timing chain set for your 1.2 Yeti it’s here on Amazon

Skoda Yeti Timing Chain Set 03F198158B available on Amazon

And if you want the water pump it’s also here on Amazon

skoda yeti needs a new water pump

Water pumps for the Yeti are on Amazon

Regular readers know that I always prefer to buy parts for my Yeti myself whenever possible to prevent mechanics from adding their mark-up!

My new timing chain set, minus the water pump…

yeti strengthened timing chain

And here’s the water pump my mechanic ordered and will also fit…

new water pump for my skoda yeti TSI

My car has covered 132,000 KM with no record in the service history of the chain being replaced. Let’s rectify that today.

My mechanic needs my Yeti for most of a full day

I dropped her off yesterday afternoon, right after her monthly jet wash.

skoda yeti at the service station

Come 5:15 pm today I’m at his workshop and it’s all over.

My Yeti has had her surgery and she has fully recovered from it

The total cost for the new timing chain kit, new water pump, antifreeze plus fitting, with my service book updated and stamped, came in at 7,750 CZK – around £259.

Here are the parts that got replaced…

used parts for skoda yeti

On the drive back home my Yeti feels more responsive pulling away from every standing start

Or simply my imagination?

And tomorrow morning’s cold start I look forward to with interest.

If you have a Yeti aged between 2009 and 2011 you should also be listening out for any tappety sounds coming from your engine. Also take a look through your service book/history to see if the chain has been replaced.

The UK Yeti Owners Club has much information about this issue

I learnt about this problem from the Forum members. And I myself often post on the Forums. Find me there as ‘Brit_In_Czech’.

UK Yeti Owners Club Forum: Yeti timing chain problem

And if you’re not keen on paying dealer/garage/mechanic marked-up prices for your timing chain kit or water pump then think about buying them yourself and pay a trusted mechanic to fit them for you, as I did.

Now you should go and listen to your engine!

And check through your service history!

Yeti timing chain is here on Amazon

Yeti water pump is here on Amazon

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