New Discs And Pads

New Discs And Pads

24th October 2018 2 By Yeti Admin

It was when I updated my alloys to the black Erebus 17’s that I noticed how worn my brake discs are. All my pads need changing as well.

It wouldn’t be much longer before the dash warning light came on

Before that happens, I’m replacing the lot. I will pay my trusted mechanic to do the work, but I have bought the discs and pads myself online. As is my way!

Yeti brake pads are here on Amazon

skoda yeti brake pads - order online

Brake pads for the Yeti are available on Amazon

And brake discs are here on Amazon for the Yeti.

order skoda yeti brake discs online

Yeti brake discs on Amazon

And how it all looks together. Let’s head over to my mechanic’s workshop and plonk this lot in his lap.

skoda yeti brakes arrived in post

The price for the work is going to be 800 CZK – about £27

8:00 am sharp and I arrive at his workshop.

Immediately he sends my girl up in the air.

raise skoda yeti on car ramp

My Yeti is a 2010 and my discs look like they have never been changed 😕

the front rotor of a skoda yeti

compare old and new brake discs

My mechanic takes his time and is thorough in everything he is doing. Yet still only around fifteen minutes per side.

I stand in the corner and watch him work. Well, you know how it is! 😴

new rotors for skoda yeti

A little over an hour and it’s all over

scrap metal czech republic

He tells me to pump the brake pedal and I do it until I feel the love. That reassuring brake love we all crave every single time we use our brakes.

Good times.

showing off my new brakes

If you’re not keen on paying dealer/garage/mechanic marked-up prices for your discs and pads then why not consider doing what I did and buy them yourself? Then either fit them yourself or find a decent mechanic to fit them for you.

Brake discs for the Yeti are here on Amazon

And Yeti brake pads are here

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