Rear Bump Stops Replacement

Rear Bump Stops Replacement

31st October 2018 2 By Yeti Admin

It was while my new discs and pads were being fitted last week that I saw the condition of my rear bump stops; both sides are knackered.

So I’m returning today to my mechanic for new bump stops to be fitted

As usual when it comes to most parts, I have opted to buy the bump stops myself and prevent my mechanic from adding any mark-up. ✍

They’re here on Amazon if you want them as well.

new bump stops needed for my yeti

Bumps stops for the Yeti are on Amazon

Total price for the work including bumps stops will be 900 CZK – about £31.00

buy skoda yeti bump stops online

It’s 8:04 am when I pull up outside his workshop for the second time in a week.

And just as last week, he’s waiting for me. Raring to go.

Up she goes again…

my yeti on the garage ramp again

My STK (Czech MOT) is due in December and this would definitely have got the examiner’s thong in a twist 🤪

rotten rear bump stops

My mechanic removes the shock absorber to get at the offending bump stop.

bump stop removed from skoda car

fitting new bump stops to skoda yeti

Same the other side.

jacked up skoda yeti by Marek, Most, CZ

Marek, Most, fits new bump stops

But by the time the 9 o’clock news comes blaring out of the radio…

it’s all over.

yeti ready for collection

garage fitting new skoda bump stops

I will be back on November 13th for timing chain kit and water pump replacement

If your bump stops are shot and you’re not keen on paying dealer/garage/mechanic marked-up prices for them you can always buy them yourself and either fit them yourself or find a decent mechanic to fit them for you.

Either way, you should definitely take a glance underneath your wheel arches at them.

Rotten bump stops are an MOT failure item!

Yeti bump stops if you want to buy them yourself are here on Amazon

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