Replacing Left Mirror Blinker

Replacing Left Mirror Blinker

16th September 2018 0 By Yeti Admin

I noticed my Yeti’s driver’s side mirror blinker wasn’t working when I changed my mirror covers from blue to black a couple of weeks ago.

I checked all my fuses first, but they were all good.

I didn’t mess about – I jumped online and ordered a new blinker.

If either of yours have given out you can get a new one here on Amazon

New Skoda Yeti Blinker (complete) available on Amazon

As always, it arrived quickly.

new blinker skoda yeti

Because I have already taken all this apart before when I changed my mirror covers I know exactly what to do this time.

So I need to tilt the mirror to its maximum so that I can get my fingernail underneath a little

Then I prise along the edge…

skoda yeti driver mirror

The mirror will give a definite ‘click’ sound when it separates from the housing. Any other type of sound and it could mean bad news. Be careful!

These two heated mirror wires just pull off…

disassemble skoda yeti mirror

Now I need to remove two Torx screws.

Make sure you have a Torx screwdriver with small bits!

I didn’t check what size these are, I just know they’re small.

I have a complete Torx screwdriver set that lives in my Yeti in a rear compartment. I bought it because of unexpected Torx screws appearing here and there, like these two. It was needed when I replaced the screen on my old OnePlus One mobile phone too.

Torx screwdriver set available here on Amazon if you need it.

Torx Screwdriver Set on Amazon – click for latest price

So let’s undo these…

let's undo these torx screws

With the two Torx screws out I need to push downwards on these two tabs that are gripping the outer shell…

remove skoda yeti wing mirror glass

Now I hold the front mirror housing with my right hand and I pry open the rear cover with my nails of my left hand.

🧙‍♂️ wizard Yetisdorf is typing…
You should be careful with those clips as they are plastic and easily breakable!

I know, thanks. I have done this once before!

two halves mirror cover

Here’s the part I am replacing…

It just wiggles loose – no Torx screws this time

disconnect mirror wires

Out comes the new part for a crude comparison.

Yep. Looks like good times. 🙂

skoda yeti side repeaters replacement

So this connector is a pain to unclip.

With just my fingers I can’t do it. I wiggle it in every direction and still it does not want to let go of whatever it is gripping hold of.

I take a screwdriver and lever it a bit – it kind of breaks

Not good. 😬

connect indicator wire

Anyway, the offending blinker is off my Yeti.

It’s eight years old if it has never been changed before so I guess I should give it a dignified burial instead of smashing it to smithereens.

I’ll throw it in the trash when I’ve finished up here.

skoda yeti misted indicator

🧙‍♂️ wizard Yetisdorf is typing…
Before you rush to reassemble why don’t you squirt a tiny jet of WD-40 on the connector. Winter is coming, so why squander the opportunity!


WD-40 for wires on my Yeti

Let’s connect the new blinker before reassembling and see if it works…

fixed skoda indicator

MY man 😎

found an indicator replacement

Outer cover goes back on.

A tiny squirt of WD-40 on these heated mirror wires…

preparing yeti for winter time

All done.

side wing mirror skoda

Let’s try not to pay extortionate labour charges to garages whenever possible.

And doing things ourselves gives us a great feeling of accomplishment

New blinkers for either side of the Yeti are here on Amazon

If you want the Torx screwdriver set it’s also here on Amazon

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