Does Carista Work On A Skoda Yeti?

Does Carista Work On A Skoda Yeti?

27th July 2019 2 By Yeti Admin

Let’s find out.

The positive online reviews for this thing are seducing. Wherever I look.

So I download the Carista App from Google Play Store – it’s free.

I install it on my Yeti’s infotainment system, but it can work from a mobile or tablet just the same. And for both Android and Apple.

my apps on my infotainment systemI already have an OBD2 Bluetooth adaptor that I use with my Torque App.

The Carista website has information on using a non Carista OBD2… it says that some work. Some do not.

Mine does not 🤨

xtrons obd not working

Carista warning


So a couple of clicks on Amazon and the official Carista OBD2 adaptor is on its way.

Under 18 quid including postage from the UK to here in the Czech Republic.

And that price is going to include full features for one month which remain set even if I delete the App

Okay then.

Only use genuine Carista OBD2

The official Carista OBD2 adaptor is available on Amazon

As ever, my order from ‘the big river’ arrives pretty fast.

order Carista online

obd2 carista adaptor online

So let’s see what’s going to happen with this thing connected.

If anything.

installing carista obd2

This red power-on light is encouraging 😐

power carista on

Now ignition on. And…

Well well… !

carista is scanning my ecu

carista at 25%

carista has found faults

Only two faults found but I’ve no idea what CAN Network Gateway is so I will look it up later.

And it looks like Carista is going to allow me to resent these faults anyway. But I will only do it once I know what they are.

The Torque App has always told me that there are no faults with my Yeti. One of these Apps is a liar! 😡

carista asks to show code

I’m eager to make some changes to my Yeti’s behaviour

And clicking any one of these brings up a whole raft of options.

For the purpose of this Blog article I will just select one customisation option to see what happens.

So what’ll it be then?

carista options list

Actually, there could be no doubt as to which option to try and enable first, could there?

Instrument needle sweep on startup, like motorbikes and sports cars 😎

the options menu on carista

needle sweep is off

needle sweep is on


skoda yeti guage needle sweep

My gauges are not cracked, by the way, it’s just the light.

So, okay, my non Carista OBD2 adaptor didn’t work and I had to buy the official one. But after doing that, the very first customisation I try has worked.

There are so many options with this Carista that I will need to test them out over the weekend.

Other modifications I have made to my Yeti’s interior are here: Yeti interior

And I am always interested to hear about your Yeti, whether customised or not.

Official Carista OBD2 adaptor here on Amazon

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