Reversing Camera Installation

Reversing Camera Installation

14th June 2020 Off By Yeti Admin

Today I want to tackle a reversing camera installation which should compliment the dash cam that I recently installed and am very satisfied with.

If I was sensible I would opt for a continuous monitoring / recording camera so as to capture the daily hell going on behind my Yeti when I’m out and about.

Here in the Czech Republic they have zero interest in the ‘two second rule’ 💀

Or any road safety rule it seems.

Anyway, I’ll go for a camera that assists only when I’m backing up.

Like most Yeti owners I have a strong aversion to drilling holes in my pride and joy. I’m keeping this in mind as I jump online to seek out the backup cam for me.

And here I find it

Yeti backup cam

Reversing cameras for the Yeti available on Amazon

I order the more expensive camera because:

  • Sony lens
  • IP68 waterproof
  • optical grid lines
  • night vision
  • six metres of cable

It arrives fast.

skoda back up handle cam

At the same time I also order a voltage rectifier because apparently without it the video image will have terrible flicker due to the way the CAN bus delivers power throughout the car.

Rectifier for reversing camera

Backup camera voltage rectifier available on Amazon

The rectifier also arrives quickly.

reverse camera rectifier

So let’s get on with this reversing camera installation.

Using the old stiff wire trick I will thread one end of the six metre cable through the fuse box and along to the back of my system…

skoda interior fuse box location

And now out comes my system for the third time in a month. Regular readers will know it’s because I installed steering wheel controls and just before that I installed a dash camera.

Connecting to my system…

RCA connector on xtrons unit

head unit with rca

pink camera in wire

There is a reason why the cable is six metres!

Now I need to hide every visible inch of it – front of my Yeti to the boot 😯

conceal car wires

hide backup cam wires

conceal all cam wires under trim

yeti backup camera install

tuck camera cable around glass

I always try to read labels behind panels on my Yeti. And now I have to remove a small side panel.

On the 19th of March 2010 a company in Ukraine manufactured this wiring loom for VAG

And unrelated I know, but I was living in Ukraine at this time.

VAG components from Ukraine

I do have a soldering iron and I do use it but for testing purposes I’ll just connect a wire to the positive and a wire to the negative of the reversing light temporarily…

yeti reverse lights wires

Now let’s connect the ‘IN’ wires of the rectifier to my reversing light wires and the ‘OUT’ rectifier wires to the six metre cable and also to the as-yet-uninstalled camera and see what happens.

I’ll put her in reverse. I won’t bother closing the boot at this stage.

reverse bulbs for skoda yeti

Looks like it’s gonna be good times 😀

skoda reversing camera test

So the camera I have bought replaces the boot opening handle. I’m ready to fit it.

I remove the boot trim and then the original handle.

Let’s fit the new camera…

yeti cam install

skoda spanner size

reversing cam hidden

I tidy the cables. I take care of those two reversing light wires. I put the trim back on.

And I test my new reversing cam. No flickering. And the camera only comes on when I go into reverse gear, as it’s meant to.

monitor reverse camera

Good times. 😎

skoda yeti both camerasFeel free to stay tuned for more modifications I have planned.

You can see what I have done so far, here: Yeti Customisation

And I am always interested to hear about your Yeti, whether customised or not.

If you want the same reversing camera as I have it’s here on Amazon

The voltage rectifier is here

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