Space Saver Tyre And Other Essentials

Space Saver Tyre And Other Essentials

25th August 2019 2 By Yeti Admin

I don’t know about you, but my preparations for the inevitable zombie apocalypse haven’t been moving as fast as they should. Time is of the essence in this matter. So I’m installing a space saver tyre!

Roughly three-quarters of the world’s teenagers are zombies – this we know as fact

Then there are the deadly diseases and chronic drug addiction among record numbers of homeless (have you seen the state of California?!).

And then there’s the loony lefty snowflake liberals, unstoppable in their destruction of ordered society (they run California, by the way!).

We, the remaining normal people, are fast becoming an endangered species. Our numbers are dwindling. Zombification is our fate.

The apocalypse is real, my friends.

And it is coming!


Our destiny?

Buying my Yeti over a year ago was the first step in my survival strategy

My plan is to flee to the hills and live off my stash of baked beans.

But since buying my Yeti, I have taken my eye off the ball. 🙄  Yeti customisation doesn’t count towards survival.

So today I’m going to get back on track and secure a new space saver tyre and other survival essentials in my boot area.

Like many other Yetis, no spare wheel came with mine, instead, a mini compressor and a bottle of gunk.

skoda yeti no space saver tyreThis compressor and gunk thing might work well enough now, but in the midst of the apocalypse?

The instructions say that after putting that gunk in my punctured tyre then inflating it with the compressor I have to get to the nearest garage for a professional repair. ASAP.

How does that work when all tyre repair garages will likely be overrun by crazed zombies? The only thing waiting for me at one of those places will be my doom. 😲

Space saver tyres don’t seem to have a distance or time restriction

Yes, they are limited to 80 kph, but zombies cannot run that fast. And Usain Bolt will have plenty of people to chase besides me once he gets bitten.

Either way, I’ll keep the gunk and compressor as backup and hunt for a genuine space saver.

A scour of Amazon turns up the stuff I need:

It arrives fast, as usual.

Spacer saver tyre for skoda yeti install

The seller has thrown in a new jack and a used wheel brace wrench.

yeti spare wheel

Skoda Yeti space saver tyre on Amazon

But I won’t need this wrench because I ordered a different one at the same time…

skoda yeti wheel brace

Extendable wrench with a dual 17″ / 19″ socket. My wheel nuts are 17″.

Yeti wheel wrench

Wheel brace on Amazon

As well as this I ordered an Oxford tool kit. I bought this same one a few months ago for my Cafe Racer

skoda yeti tool kit

Very good quality, so now my Yeti gets one too. 🙂

tool kit for skoda yet

Oxford tool kits on Amazon

tools for yeti

Oxford Pro tool kit for car

And I also ordered a single jack stand.

I don’t want the weight of my Yeti resting solely on my new tiny jack 😨

Skoda Yeti jack stand

small jack stands

Axle stands on Amazon

I ordered a set of heavy duty jump leads…

jump leads for yeti

jumper cables for skoda yeti

Heavy duty jump leads on Amazon

A tow rope…

tow rope for skoda yeti

yeti towing

Tow ropes on Amazon

A first aid kit…

skoda yeti first aid kit

car first aid kits

Car first aid kits on Amazon

And finally a fire extinguisher…

skoda yeti fire extinguisher

fire safety for cars

Fire extinguishers on Amazon

And this is all of it together…

Yeti rear storage

skoda yeti boot

New wheel wrench secured with the warning triangle…

Skoda warning triangle

As a single guy with no sprogs and dogs I don’t use the back seats of my Yeti. Regular readers might remember that last year I removed my rear seats and bought a small mattress, pillow and sleeping bag.

If all my efforts at survival fail and I do end up zombified, I just hope that as I roam this earth in my endless pursuit of human flesh, I might at least remember the name my mother gave me. That would be something, at least.

Daniel's Skoda Yeti

If I end up biting you, I apologise in advance 💀

Other modifications I have made to my Yeti’s interior are here: Yeti interior

And I am always interested to hear about your Yeti, whether customised or not.

Genuine Skoda space saver tyres are here on Amazon

Wheel brace wrenches are here

Oxford Tool Kit is here

Axle stands are here

Heavy duty jump leads are here

Tow ropes are here

First aid kits are here

And fire extinguishers are here

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