Yeti Status

Yeti Status

Chatter is afoot!

If you’re bumping into car enthusiasts all over the internet like I am then you will know that more and more of them are holding the belief that the Yeti – pre-facelift version in particular – is on course to become a ‘classic’.

Right now, it is too young and there are too many of them, the enthusiasts insist, for it to be considered anything other than a modern SUV (a car should be old or oldish and a rare sight on the roads before the classic car fraternity will peer over their spectacles at it).

Like a Lada Riva. Really?

But could the Yeti really be earmarked for a car’s ultimate accolade? If we think about it, it’s feasible.

The Yeti is one of a kind, and few will disagree with that

Yes it is quirky, but in a nice way. A Citroen 2CV is not nice quirky. The Yeti is safe, holding a 5-star NCAP rating. There aren’t millions of them about – the pre-facelift model only had a four-year run. And it has won nearly as many awards as Meryl Streep. What can be said for all those bland abominations British Leyland cobbled together in the late 1970’s that are today considered ‘classics’?

An Allegro. A collector’s item? Who saw that coming?

Me I’m not declaring anything – I don’t have the expertise. But mostly I don’t wanna be a jinx on a car.

Ever. Ever. Again!

I haven’t forgotten my 1991 MX5 – the Japanese import Eunos Roadster actually – and how I informed everyone when I bought it back in 2003…

“this little red beauty will be a classic one day”

My Eunos Roadster 1991

My Eunos Roadster from back in the day.

How could it not be a classic? Go-kart handling. Convertible. Air conditioning. Those pop-up lights. Forget about your left-hooker Fiat Barchettas.

And refreshing it is to see so many Eunos Roadsters and MK1 MX5’s for sale on eBay these days. I knew it would still be around.

Yeah. And with a lousy £600 you can take your pick. One bloke on there is selling two… £875 for the pair or he’ll consider breaking for spares. Buyer will need a trailer, apparently – both cars are knackered. Bastard.

A similar fate has befallen another future classic I predicted: the BMW Z3. The Z3 for crying out loud! As low as £700 for a 1.9 Roadster. How is this not against the law? I’ve no courage left in me to go and check on how the MK1 Mazda RX-7 has fared.

Looks like those awesome cars from back in the day aren’t so awesome to folks today

What is wrong with people?
No taste car buyers

But, it doesn’t even matter. To achieve what has been denied to the spunky little Mazda and its contemporaries, or to not achieve it. Because Skoda’s bombastic Yeti forced eyeballs to widen like dinner plates when it stomped through the Geneva Motor Show in early 2009. It forced the equally bombastic Jeremy Clarkson a few months later on Top Gear to declare it…

“The greatest car in the world”

Jeremy Clarkson said the Skoda Yeti is the best car in the world

credit: BBC

Ah, Top Gear. The only BBC programme worth the licence fee. Shame that show ended in 2015!​

The last ever Yeti may have bounded out of the factory in 2017, but the car commands a fiercely loyal following around the world equal to any Austin this, Leyland that and Barchetta whatever – just type ‘Yeti owners club’ or ‘Yeti Facebook groups’ or ‘Yeti meet-ups’ or ‘Yeti accessories’ into your preferred search engine and see for yourself!

But I didn’t know any of this. The Yeti was just another Skoda to me. Quirky looking, but just another Skoda.

​And then I bought one.

Life hasn’t been quite the same since. And that’s a good thing.

In fact, life with the Yeti is just awesome!

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