Shopping At Kaufpark, Dresden

Shopping At Kaufpark, Dresden

6th July 2020 Off By Yeti Admin

It’s (yet another!) public holiday here today in the Czech Republic and once again most of the shops are firmly locked. In Germany it is a normal day, so I’m off shopping at Kaufpark, Dresden.

My navigation offers me two ways to Dresden:

  1. mostly motorway but with a toll fee – time = 1hr 7mins
  2. mostly back roads plus a passage up then down the Ore mountains – time = 1hr 22mins

I think I’ll take the scenic route there and the motorway back.

I have no idea how much the toll fee is 🤨

My Yeti is well behaved (as I’d expect her to be) through the twisty Czech villages.

Once I’m on the old connecting single-lane road between Dubi, CZ and Germany I spot some Roma prostitutes either side of it and distanced about a quarter of a mile apart.

I’m clothes and food shopping at Kaufpark, Dresden only. 🙄 Today!

On then up and around then down the Ore mountains and the mighty Germany suddenly surrounds me. A quaint and beautiful little German village presents itself.

I stop and take some pictures…

skoda yeti in Dresden Germany

Over the years I’ve noticed that so many German cities, towns and villages seem to start with the word ‘Bad’ – I don’t find them bad at all 🧐

saxony towns near czech border

toll road czech to germany

The natural beauty around here is stunning, and I don’t just mean my Yeti.

And I would hate to try and put an age on some of these homes, shacks and buildings; before both world wars I reckon.

I press on to Dresden…

route from dresden to prague

My first ever visit to Kaufpark shopping centre and I’m pleasantly surprised. Millions of free parking places, dozens and dozens of shops and free WiFi.

The toilets however are not free 🤬

Last night I was checking Germany’s dash cam laws online; it seems Germany is quite strict as regards taking pictures and video that contain peoples faces.

With that in mind I don’t want to risk it so, I take this photo after a load of shoppers pass by.

I never knew they make more than just my favourite yogurts 😜

shops at kaufpark dresden

And a photo of my lunch.

Just under nine Euros and the toilet is free inside this restaurant.

where to eat at kaufpark

A tasty piece of fish in crispy batter.

The mash, by the way, is just like my gran used to make back in England… with butter.

I spent several hours at Kaufpark before heading home.

The motorway route back was faster and uneventful.

Standby, Kaufpark, Dresden…

I’ll be back!

Good times. 😎

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