Yeti Does Germany In 40 Minutes

Yeti Does Germany In 40 Minutes

11th August 2018 Off By Yeti Admin

But I do only live 40 minutes from Germany. 😉

Just the Ore Mountains between my flat here in the Czech Republic and Germany’s Eastern border.

The drive is magnificently scenic and peaceful

route through the ore mountains

Czechs living in my area – Bohemian Uplands – often drive to Germany to buy things like baby food and cleaning products – all better quality and cheaper, apparently.

But I drive to Germany for something to do at weekends.

Although I never need a reason to go driving in my Yeti (you’ll understand if you own one!)

Driving through one particular mountain leads me across the border and into the German town of Marienberg.

arriving in Marienberg

But if I cut through a different mountain I can cross the border into the quaint little German town of Olbernhau.

For a Saturday afternoon it’s pretty deserted.

peaceful Olbernhau

school in Olbernhau Germany

So I stretch my legs a bit and I snap these photos. Then I turn my Yeti around and it’s back home to the Czech Republic. Essential ‘Guitar Anthems’ playlist blaring as I go.

Good times. 😎

at the border between Usti and Germany

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